Sun Camera Service now offers Sensor and cosmatic cleaning at $40-60 depend on your model, you may even wait for the service during our business hours.

About Us

Established in 1973, Sun Camera Service has been committed to prompt, quality repair work for over 30 years at the corner of Steeles and Tandem Rd (one block east from Keele). Our team of factory-trained professionals has collectively accumulated over 150 years of repair experience, ensuring the very best in advice and workmanship.

Initially focused on photo camera repairs for individual customers, Sun Camera soon expanded its operations to include sub-contracted work for a number of local photographic retailers, then further branched out into authorized manufacturer repairs. Today, Sun Camera is the primary photo, video, and digital repair center for many international manufactures in Ontario and parts of Quebec, as well as a national depot of choice for Future Shop / Best Buy Ltd. and Henry's.