Sun Camera Service now offers Sensor and cosmatic cleaning at $40-60 depend on your model, you may even wait for the service during our business hours.

Our Services

We provide top-quality repair services for photographic and video equipment from a wide variety of brands.

If you require replacement caps, chargers, proprietary batteries or other parts that are hard to find at retail outlets, try our selection of official Canon accessories. Film and tapes are also available.

We also offer tape transforming service, send in your VHS, 8mm/Hi8, compact or mini DV, we will transform them to DVD for you. We will even fix your damaged tape and recover the video to DVD.


The Repair Process

1. Bring in your camera. We also accept manufacturer warranteed units for repair with valid proof-of-purchase.

2. The Estimate: Most of time, we are able to provide you with a quick estimate for common problem, free of charge. In some cases, however, our technicians must evaluate your complaint and, usually, disassemble the camera to track down the source of the problem. Any parts that have to be replaced are catalogued and a projected labour charge for the actual repair is assigned. This process takes 1-2 days due to the sheer number of cameras we must evaluate on a day-to-day basis.

3. Estimate Approval: You will receive a call from us with the estimated cost of repair and a breakdown of the necessary work to be down. You can decide at this point whether you wish to proceed with the repair or not. There is a standard $20 cancellation fee may or may not apply (we will tell you before estimate) if you decide not to proceed with repairs, due to the time involved in disassembling, evaluating, and re-assembling each piece of equipment. Note that this fee is only for refused estimates - approved repairs carry no estimate charge.

4. Repairs: As repairs are initiated, any parts that we don't have on-site must be ordered from our suppliers then installed on arrival. The ordering and repair process takes roughly 4-5 days, barring any backorders of parts at the supplier.

5. Warranty: Completed repair work at Sun Camera is waranteed to be free of defects for a period of 3 months for video cameras or digital cameras.